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Available models :    762 x 1525 x 50mm thick

                      910 x 1835 x 50mm thick

                      HK Reg No: 0901050.5


  •  Lighting arrow LED Panel meets the requirements of traffic control devices described in part 6F.56 of the US Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices 2003 edition.
  • Safewell flash arrow led lamp is approved by Highway Department to be utilized on highway maintenance vehicle or on road trailer to give other road users clear directional instruction. 
  • Each flashing safety light is powered by 12V D.C. with 12 control signal modes on panel face.
  • Each flashing safety light arrow panel contains  LED lens in lieu of light bulbs which have limited life and have to be replaced regularly. Comparatively, LED is brighter than light bulb with smaller battery power consumption and can last till end of arrow panel without any failure.
  • Each lighting arrow panel can be easily installed on back of highway working vehicle like cleaning water truck as warning light  or arrow tail lights


 Arrow led flashing light always come together with road traffic control flashlights and reflective traffic signs to give motorist a clear direction ahead. The quantity of each items must decided by the speed limit of the highway and government law and regulation.