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Safewell Company   orange pvc mesh fence is  tough, highly visible,  long lasting, lightweight, easy to handle and quick to erect. The orange fencing  provides a genuine barrier that is non-corrosive, re-usable and space saving for storage and transportation and in construction site.

SPECIFICATION of plastic barrier fence:

   Colour               : orange (other colours available to special order) 
   Standard size  : 1m wide x 50m long per roll

As  vinyl fence fencing or fence panel itself is a weak force to avoid the accidental cross-over of worker or pedestrian, ample reflective road sign, safety warning label, and traffic road cone should be used as well as plastic  fence to warn the user the danger.


In construction site, especially tall building site, orange construction fence is a weak defense  to cordon off the building floor edge before exterior glass wall is put on. PVC water filled barrier or metal barriershould be put in place in additional to orange fence.





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