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Safewell Company  rubber bumps safely reduced speedy vehicle on incoming traffic to protect both motorist and pedestrian. Rubber speed bump is made of quality rubber to withstand the toughest loading in the  arduous condition. The modular design system makes road humps very easy  to install in their preferred configuration.

Generally, speedbumps are installed as either a single continuous rubber hump across the road or staggered and offset at intervals along the road 

The benefits of the offset configuration are :

  • greater discomfort at  speeding motorist
  • control speed of incoming traffic
  • allow passage of baby carriage or wheelchair
  • minimise damming effect

 Each piece of speedhump has free maintenance-free life and catesyes (except the endpiece)

 Upon installation, proper reflective road traffic sign should be installed to give enough time to allow motorist to slow down before approaching the speed ramps.


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Rubber speed bump with reflective cat eyes
(made in China)

Compression resistance : 20mpa

Bolt size : M12 x 40