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Safewell Company  highway or pavement stainless steel road stud marker has been designed and manufactured to withstand difficult environmental and traffic conditions.

The stainless steel used is one of those offering maximum impact resistance to vehicular traffic and to spread the impact load uniformly over the asphalt or concrete  surface.

Supplied with a raised profile to assist skid resistance and fishtail for road surface stability makes this item ideal as road delineator or road reflector.

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metal measurement head shape shank weight

Stainless steel

100mm x 100mm

Raised Profile


70mm long

500 g

Installation of the road stud

Drill a hole 32mm diameter to a depth of 80mm. Clear away dust from interior of hole and surface  to be covered by the head of the reflective road stud.

Note : For concrete surface it is necessary to prime the hole and surrounding road surface with bitumen emulsion prier  to grouting of the road stud

Fill the hole fully with hot bitumen grout and IMMEDIATELY insert the road marker shank and firmly press the reflector head to the road surface in same time  taking care that the road marker is properly aligned.

To ensure worker safety, proper caution should be taken like using reflective traffic cone, vinyl warning tape, reflective traffic sign and metal or pvc barrier  to limit pedestrian or vehicular traffic during installation.