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A display signboard is a sign that provides information or instruction using a combination of shape, colour and symbols but excludes information in writing.

Sign boards should be made of suitably robust materials and their dimensions and features should make them easy to see and understand. Traffic signboards should be installed in the line of sight, should not be obscured and should be installed in a well-lit, easily accessible and visible location so that it is easy to see. Where light levels are poor, the roadside sign board should incorporate artificial lighting or reflective material as appropriate.

Safewell brings you a full line of reflective outdoor display sign boards that are perfect for a variety of applications. We can offer any kind of reflective signboards you require including warning, regulatory, informative signs, mandatory and construction safety sign boards.

Safewell’s knowledgeable staff can provide information, support and advice regarding the proper use and design of signage boards.

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